Has someone ever been good to you and you pause and ask yourself; Form ya huyu ni? (Whats their deal?)Acts of kindness have forever been linked to seeking either favor or attention but I believe kindness is the purest form of love.

Ripple Effect


The continuing and spreading results of an event or action.  Its an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. Letting kindness to ripple is to start the chain reaction of being kind to one another and letting them to show kindness to another(it doesn’t have to come back to youπŸ˜•)

Well here are some pointers to starting the kindness ripple effect;

1. Kindness is not gifts.

There is a huge assumption that comes immediately one hears kindness or generosity the first thought is gifting. A large percentage of people including me feel a tug when we hear of being kind. I don’t have enough for myself and yet again I ought to be kind. Here’s the deal kindness is as small as giving that smile to a stranger (though that may come off as crazy.) Some people may be having a terrible day and that simple greeting or smile might  cheer them up.  So they in turn will be better people in their surroundings.

2. Be random but avoid bulk kindness.

By bulk kindness I mean…you don’t bombard your social circles with the same thing. Trust me it comes back. If you are like me, a person that mixes all her social circles, you’ll get in trouble for this. Just when someone felt very important they meet someone who was just sent the same thing…Have Strategy!πŸ˜„

3.Don’t go all out. Especially with people of the opposite gender.

Although this is vital, be considerate about your form of kindness. Sometimes it may come off as you shooting your shot (well, unless that was the planπŸ˜‰).

4. Don’t get mad when your kindness is not reciprocated.

Some people may not notice your actions and that shouldn’t kill your morale to be kind. Just dust yourself of and go on to the next person, they might appreciate next time😊.

The world will only be a better place if we choose to start the change ourselves. Keep Glowing, Keep Growing

Please share any kindness experiences and tips to go about it in the comment section

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Love, Renny

14 thoughts on “LET KINDNESS RIPPLE

  1. I especially loved number four most,** Don’t get mad when your kindness is not reciprocated**,,most especially if you expect your own friend to treat you in the same way.
    Almost happens every time to every other person. Thanks Renish 😊


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